French pianist and composer Christian Brenner is the architect of this new quintet project, based on newly composed original songs. The quintet came into being after many years playing with Damon BROWN or Yoann LOUSTALOT (trumpett and bugle),Stéphane Mercier (alto saxophone and flute), Olivier Cahours (7-string guitar), Bruno Schorp or Blaise Chevallier (double bass) and Frédéric Delestré or Pier Paolo Pozzi (drums) at St Germain des Prés’ famous jazz venue Le Café Laurent, and touring in Brazil with Mercier. Olivier Cahours already participated in Brenner’s 2009 debut album “The Sound of Absence » (guitar and arrangements), with François Fuchs on the double bass; as for Stéphane Mercier, he also collaborated with Brenner on four original songs of the pianist’s second release “Les Belles Heures ». From their first meetings, these musicians who come from various horizons got along particularly well, naturally allowing for a free and festive mood to settle between them. Playing with the codes of jazz, they put together what may be termed world music; yet, playing with genres even further, they incorporate many expressive and colorful touches from other musical cultures into an unprejudiced style. Climates, melodies, complex rhythms and rich harmonies find happy, expressive developments as the quintet creates and shares a common space and an original sound. As professional musicians, they all play and perform in several bands in France and abroad. Their rich, festive and at times moving music provides the listener with a variety of emotions.A musical journey to be shared at once. With three recordings since 2005, Christian Brenner is preparing new projects in France and abroad. His last two albums achieved success with the Jazz press, especially “Les belles heures” which was awarded a 5- star rating and nominated among the best 10 albums of 2016 by Michael Tucker (Jazz journal UK). This year, he is preparing for a fourth studio opus with Argentine flutist Christian Faig (Art Jazz project Floripa Duo), and should be releasing the fifth one with the quintet in 2017/2018.


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